A PDF & EPUB reader to enrich your publications

Effortlessly improve the reading experience of any PDF or EPUB file for your users

Enrich your publications automatically

Discover everything your readers can do in your publications

Convert text into audio

Convert your publications into audio automatically just by uploading your PDF or ePub

Highlight and create summaries

Readers can highlight the text with different colors for a great reading experience

Search within the publication

With this tool the reader will be able to search for words or phrases within the publication

Convert to mobile edition

Transform any pdf to mobile edition using Smart Zoom

Text citation

With this tool the reader will be able create citation and export in APA format

Translate the text

Translate all the text to and from any language

Customize thoroughly and in a simple way

Modifying your Virtual Library to offer a unique experience is this simple

Unique designs

Create your own design to give your Virtual Library a unique look

CSS editor

Inside your control panel you will find a CSS editor very simple to use so you can adjust any element of your Virtual Library

Responsive design

Your Virtual Library adapts to any type of screen so that your readers can access from any device

Simple to modify

You do not need any technical knowledge to customize the design of your Virtual Library


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