Capture the data of your readers from printed books with a QR code.

Find out who is part of your community of readers by offering the possibility of obtaining the digital version of the physical book by simply adding a QR code to the printed publication.


Get the data from your readers and run better marketing and sales campaigns

Segment and create campaigns focused on the consumption habits of your readers

Knowing who your buyers are can lead to develop better digital marketing campaigns.

Comunidad de lectores

Offer more content and track your buyers

You can easily share information about new publications, events, offers and others with your community of readers.

Comunidad de lectores

Create your QR Code in three steps

In three steps you can have a QR associated with your digital catalog or an individual publication and obtain the data of your readers.


Step 1

Enter your Digital Library go to My Publications and choose the book you want to share


Step 2

Click on the drop-down list associated with each publication and obtain the QR code by clicking on "Generate QR".


Step 3

Choose if you want to print it or use it in digital … done!

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