Analyze metrics and understand your readers

You can analyze key metrics that will let you know what are your most read publications, how many visualizations each user made, the time of permanence or the percentage of reading.

Reading metrics

You can know in depth which are your most read publications, how long your users remain reading and even connect and configure any analytics software


You can know how many times a publication has been opened by each one of your users


Know how much time each user devotes to each publication


Analyze the reading percentage of each user


Generate consolidated reports to know the consumption of your publications

Location of your users

View on a convenient map where your users are located

Traffic sources

Knowing where your users come from to your Virtual Library is very simple with our tools

Most used devices

Learn about the devices most used by your users to read your digital publications

Advanced analytics

You can connect your own Google Analytics, Chartbeat, Comscore or any other Analytics tool

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All our plans are free for you for 14 days, so you can take full advantage of having your own virtual library with your publications and offer them directly

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